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  • epay Tax Free Shopping
    epay Tax Free Shopper

    Manage your VAT Refund seamlessly from your mobile

    Simply scan the QR code on your Tax Free form

What is Tax Free Shopping?

Tax Free shopping means “VAT Refund”. In other words, shopping Tax Free means saving on the purchases you make when travelling to certain countries abroad, as the taxes on certain products will be discounted and returned to you.

Keep in mind that different regulations apply to most Tax Free countries, thus to apply the discount, they may require you to meet a minimum spending in the local currency, either on each product or shop, or on the total of your purchases.

epay Tax Free is here to guide you through – visit the link below to find out what is applicable to your destination country!

How to shop Tax Free? 


Request your Tax Free form

Before paying for your purchase, ask store staff for an epay Tax Free Form and verify that all your data are correct.

We recommend scanning the QR code on each Tax Free form to manage your refunds digitally from your mobile.


Get Customs validation

Go to the Customs approval point before your flight home. Present your Tax Free forms, your travel documents and purchased goods to obtain approval.

Validation will either be a stamp or digital validation at kiosk, depending on the departure point.


Get the VAT refund

Get your refund in cash at the airport/port directly via our refund location points.

Alternatively you can receive your refund via credit card/Alipay though our epay Tax Free Smart Solution here: “Refund onto my Credit Card/Alipay”

When can I get my VAT refund?

We provide a range of options to obtain your refund at any time before or after stamping your Tax Form.


Immediate in-store discount or credit card refund within 48 hours, managed by the merchant, at the time of issuing the Tax Free form.


Cash refunds at more than 60 city locations prior to Customs stamping


Cash refund network at major departure points, such as Ports and Airports.


One-step self-management of the refund on credit card or Alipay account by scanning a QR code generated on the Tax Free form.

Who is entitled to Tax Free?

You are entitled to a VAT refund if you reside outside the European Union and visiting one or more EU countries. To find answers to the questions you may have about epay Tax Free service please check our FAQ for shoppers.

How to get your refund onto a credit card/Alipay?

Request your refund to your CARD/ALIPAY. Now you can manage all your VAT refunds onto your CARD/ALIPAY, just enter your Tax Free form number. It is that simple!

Are there VAT Refund Tips?

We’ve got you! First and foremost, don’t forget to stamp your Tax Free form.

Remember that the conditions change depending on the Country for which you leave the European Union.

At the airport or port, go to the Customs and present your completed Tax Free Form, passport, receipts and purchases to get your customs approval.

Empower your Tax Free Experience

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