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  • epay Tax Free Merchant

    Offer a safe and smooth Tax Free service

    Partner with us and improve your customer experience

Why should I become an epay Tax Free Merchant?

There are several advantages for your business if you choose to collaborate with epay Tax Free. You will enjoy top notch client support from our team, who will train you and customize our service to match your needs and equipment.

Our Tax Free offering is safe and reliable. Adding epay Tax Free to your store will enhance the customer experience. Moreover your customers will benefit from the extensive network of VAT refund points we provide.

Which epay Tax Free Solution is best for me?

We adapt to your needs by offering tailor made technological solutions to make your Tax free shopping service fast and easy to use.


Immediate solution. Easy and personalized access from any device without the need for integration.


Integrate epay Tax Free with your ERP, cash register software, payment gateway and bank terminal, and auto-fill the Tax form.

Professional epay Data, Analytics and Marketing Services

epay Tax Tree offers its retailers monthly, quarterly and annual reports of the Tax Free transactions made to their buyers. Thanks to these reports, our merchants can know the nationality of their clientele, the average sales of their purchases, and the geographical areas of their top shops. We help our merchants to analyse their business and how to focus their communication and marketing campaigns to increase their sales.

We present quarterly reports with tourism arrival forecasts.
We know that forecasting data has become an integral part of the planning process for business growth and commercial stability. With our reports we want to help our merchants with analysis, which they can use for demand planning, marketing, financial operations and even user experience.

If you are already working with us, access our reports through the Merchant Portal.


Offer your customers the choice to get their refund – before or after stamping – either at your store or via any of the listed options : 


Immediate in-store discount or credit card refund within 48 hours, managed by the merchant, at the time of issuing the Tax Free form.


Cash refunds at more than 60 city locations prior to Customs stamping


Cash refund network at major departure points, such as Ports and Airports.


One-step self-management of the refund on credit card or Alipay account by scanning a QR code generated on the Tax Free form.

FAQ for Merchants

I want to offer tax-free services in my store. How does it work?

We have different and innovative solutions to offer. Contact us, to see what the best solution for your business would be.
Send us an email to

Which countries are eligible for Tax Free?

Tax Free cannot be issued to European citizens (*exceptions below), resident in: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands.

(*) The following European territories ARE ELIGIBLE FOR TAX FREE: Busingen, Campione d’Italia, Ceuta, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Heligoland, Aland Islands, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Faroe Islands, Lake Lugano, Livigno, Martinique, Mayotte, Melilla, Mount Athos, Réunion and Saint-Martin (French part).

Is there a minimum purchase amount to issue Tax Free?

In Spain, there is no minimum purchase to issue tax-free. To check the minimum purchase in other countries, visit this section and click on the country you need to know:

Tax Free Conditions

I need Marketing Material?
(envelopes – brochures / stickers / displays / Tax Free rolls)

Please, send us an email to , specifying the store name and address, and what type of material you need to receive.

Problems accessing your account or technical issues?

Email us at Email us at , please indicate the company VAT number, store address and phone number. We will contact you shortly.

Do you need to change any information about your business or do you have any questions about invoicing?

Please, email us at, with your company VAT number and company’s name. We will contact you shortly.

Empower your Tax Free Experience

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